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Review Quotes

"The story is a gripping one and a very clear picture of what life in the early 1800s in Newfoundland was like for a woman."
The Northeast Avalon Times

"The balance between fiction and reality provide the reader with an opportunity to empathize with Catherine and her family while obtaining an account of what is known historically."
Atlantic Books Today

"Catherine Snow is well written and doesn't get bogged down by history. The story of this woman's life and how it seemed to be determined by events out of her control is never lost. Strowbridge writes interesting characters ó particularly the female ones."
The Chronicle Herald

"There are many ó this writer included Ė who now consider Newfoundland to be the epicentre of the country's narrative voice and a key component of our national identity. Some say it is a sense of community, others point to the area's inspiring landscape, while others cite the province's Celtic storytelling roots. All three of those elements come to play in Catherine Snow, the fictionalized account of one young Irish girl's tryst with tragedy."
The Chronicle Herald

September 2009ís release, a novel Catherine Snow. Unputdownable is a word used by one reader, whose sentiment has been echoed again and again by other readers.

A story of courage and conviction, and the strength of a bold Irish mother facing childbirth and the sentence of death while confined to a dungeon. Catherine Snow stood up to the powers that be: the unholy trinity of money, religion and politics.

A convoluted story to be debated and mulled over in the mind long after the book is read


* Jim Snow of New Jersey is the winner of the first copy of Catherine Snow the novel.  Jim is the  great great great grandson of Catherine and John Snow's first son James William Snow   

An exotic drama in which one manís mysterious disappearance brings a dark end to three other people. What would it take to destroy an Irish girl who had survived famine and war in Ireland, and a hazardous journey across the Atlantic Ocean, to become a servant-wife on an island where Godís truth and the Devilís tale are entwined as tight as the strands of a rope? 

This novel is based on the true story of the last woman hanged in Britainís oldest colony, the only woman in the colony to have a gruesome sentence Ė the ultimate desecration Ė carried out on her body. 

A novel in which truth lies suspended between fact and fiction. 

A haunting mystery./ Flanker Press




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* This is not a formal letter, but just a quick email to let you know how much I admire your writing!!!

* I have just recently read your book about Catherine Snow and, from the beginning, I could not put it down!!! It was glued to my hands from start to finish. . . My husband stated that I was becoming Catherine as when she cried, I cried . . .I could feel my heart ache when she thought of her children, those who had passed and those she left behind.. . . Only another mother could feel that pain. . .

* Your book was one of the best I have read!!! I also enjoyed "Far from Home". (My husband is from St. Anthony and spent time in the orphanage).

* Again, Thank-you!!! and please keep on writing!!! Janice D

* Dear Nellie, I finished reading Catherine Snow last week. I have been trying to think of the appropriate compliments for you. I like a book that includes a sense of time and place. You did that very well without having the calendar intrude. The geography was somewhat familiar to me . . . .

* It was obvious that you researched well . . .the idea of a novel gave you the licence to make the story flow and appear complete. You certainly developed the character and setting of Catherine in a manner that built sympathy and cast severe doubts on the conviction. I especially liked your device of using thoughts by Catherine throughout the trial to serve the role of her non-functioning lawyer.

* When your readers realize that conditions you portray existed less than 200 years ago, they might think there is hope for the people of Afghanistan.

* I have not often found a book that I could honestly say I hated to put down. This one really qualified. I had a few late nights. I have been telling friends about it. Obviously I enjoyed it and learned from it. . ..Doug C

* I donít read many books, but I can tell you now, Iíve read all your other books and I wanted to read Catherine Snow. I picked it up to read when I went to bed. When I started it I couldnít stop. Iíd fall asleep and the book would fall out of my hands. That would wake me and Iíd pick it up again. Iíd read some more, but it was getting late. Iíd fall asleep again and drop the book. That would wake me up. I said to myself, ĎI hope that Nellie is sleeping because Iím not.í Anyway I got it read and it was great. I canít believe such a thing could happen in this country. Rita D

* I liked your book immensely, Nellie. Your exceptional talent for writing brought everything to life and made for a very smooth read. It was no effort to be drawn into the lives of Catherine and those around her in their world of 19th century Newfoundland. Your portrayal of Catherine gives a sense of someone who is resourceful and determined, but who also preserves her humanity and her sense of decency, even in an environment of harsh demands and circumstances. Your knowledge of the culture of the period and Newfoundland folkways lend the story a strong authenticity, which makes it all the more absorbing. James S, New Jersey

* I bought your book Dr. Grenfellís Little Orphan and I absolutely loved it. I just wanted to send you a little note expressing interest in your writing, Well, I canít wait to read your newest book Catherine Snow. Judy I

* When I came to the chapter where Catherine fled her home, I could bear to read on afraid that the constables would catch her. I had to put the book down. But I knew I had to keep reading. E Stamp

* I just finished reading your book about Catherine Snow and I loved it. I cried at the end! I am recommending it to my daughters in Halifax and my friends. I havenít read any of your books before, but rest assured, I am off to the bookstore right now to look for some of them. You are a wonderful author and this book touched something in me. Thanks for writing it. Sincerely, Betty H

* I just finished reading Catherine Snow. WOW! Great book. Very well written. If you havenít read it yet. Do it. You will love it. Carl G

* Dear Ms. Strowbridge, Our book club just recently read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. .. . Bev H

* Hi Nellie, I am retired and 63. I am an avid reader and always have been, except in the last few years of retirement I enjoy my reading more than ever Ė relaxed and plenty of time! I have read your articles and books and I just finished reading Catherine Snow. I so enjoyed every word. It is an amazing book Ė one of those books you go around preparing supper and reading at the same time. I think it should be required reading in our schools, if it isnít already. This would surely give our youth of today a sense of history and life as it was in earlier years. It is indeed an honour and a pleasure to have you as one of our own talented authors to bring joy to our every day lives and reading habits. Congratulations and good luck in all your future endeavours. Genie P

* Good Morning, Nellie, I receive the Flanker Press newsletter and that was where I learned about your latest novel Catherine Snow. Unputdownable is quite an appropriate way to describe Catherine Snow. I found myself drawn into Catherineís world and her daily struggle to survive and provide for her children.

* I have taken great pleasure in recommending Catherine Snow to many of the library patrons that I serve in the public library where I work. Your story has broken many hearts Ė as we feel the injustice that was passed on to Catherine and her co-accused.

* It has also provided the starting point for new readers to pursue Newfoundland literature, which I delight in, as there are so many amazing stories that continue to be written from your province.

* Take care and I look forward to reading your books. Teresa T

* Nellie, Iím reading Catherine Snow right now and finding it to be one of the best books Iíve ever read. I hate putting it down and canít wait to get back to it. Way to go. Job well done. Elaine P

* Hi Nellie, Just thought Iíd let you know that a patron who borrowed Catherine Snow from the library where I work said Ďit is unputdownable.í Marianne

* From the start of the book I was hooked and could not put it down. Mrs. Strowbridge did an amazing job of describing her characters in such detail that I felt I knew the people she was writing about. My heart ached for them. I felt happy for them. I cried for them. Great book. Possibly the best book (Catherine Snow) Iíve ever read." Sabrina Brock

*The best book I ever read." Paul Gushe

* I couldnít get anything done until I finished it." Jennifer Bennett.

*Just loved the book! The merchants did it!" Dorothy Snow Fitzgerald (brother Harry Snow) Salmon Cove

*I am so happy I got your book for my birthday. I am now halfway through and I find it very difficult to put down. Thank you and Congratulations. Lloyd Pretty


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